Chiptune is Cool, Here's a Free Mix and an Enthusiasts' Explanation for the Bleep-Bloop Ignorant

Reading too lame for you? Don't sweat it, just get to the bottom of the post and download!!!

Video game music is something most every person who has played a game can appreciate, whether you grew up with the classic consoles or your favorite past-time is to disrespect and gank top, the music is always there, integrated so well that if you were to unexpectedly hear your favorite game's theme on a commercial your heart will jump and your mind zoom right to a place you love. And if we're going to make comparisons of the art-within-the-ultimate-art-form (thus destroying the concept of subjective enjoyment), it probably ranks 2nd in terms of infectiousness to actually playing a game involving warding off the hoards of the ravenous undead and malevolent infected.

Now, while we have briefly established that video game music is cool and gets stuck in our heads pretty easily, I have a feeling most people share my sentiments in that I would not listen to the NES Super Mario Bros. theme on my iPod while I do yardwork. In a way, this is very interesting, because it's a good song, even outside the creative medium it was designed for, but we can't see it as attracting or relevant without enjoying that designated medium. Maybe this is for the same reason that most of us (or at least typically in my understanding of humanity) don't seek out and listen to music without words or vocalizations, unless it involves dancing or something, which again, is just music we find relevant in a specific connotation. Thankfully, such a closed-minded demographic is changing as people become more open to diversity in the creative world. Yet there are still some phenomenal musical artists overlooked, despite their incredibly strong presence within their conglomerate creative medium.

This is where the chiptune subculture has taken root. Born out of a love for classic consoles and the sounds they exclusively produced for over two decades, tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of people have made music using old-school video game hardware. Some of them are really cool and use/d the native coding language for the consoles to make their music (too hardcore), a lot of people use homebrewed software such as LSDJ or Famitracker to make their music in a slightly more user-friendly setting (fairly hardcore), and others emulate the classic hardware sounds through virtual instruments that enable composition in programs like Logic or Ableton, thus allowing for MIDI capabilities and fusions of other sounds into their songs (not hardcore, but it can be cool, I mean, c'mon, DISASTERPEACE! Please also note Disasterpeace does both, and better than anyone else <3 i="" little-scale="" lso="" nbsp="" note="" that="">just so happens to do all of the things I've mentioned, at once).

The part I find most identifies "Chiptune" as distinct from "video game music" would be the composers. People who make music through such "obsolete" vessels in the modern age of musical diversity and technological ease generally aren't just attempting to capture the feel of a game's interaction as a soundtrack, but they are rather creating songs that stand alone, that won't spark a direct reference to novelty of any sort. Rather, they inspire what your typical song written by a passionate heart might write: joy, anxiety, aggression, depression, delirium... and without the connection to a particular "concrete" source, these songs have the potential to attach themselves in truly awesome and meaningful ways. Just like other songs that are commodity free. Of course, if you love the nostalgia in the sound, that's unavoidable, yet as I initially delved into Chiptune for the sake of finding neat video game-esque songs, I stayed long after that priority washed away and all that was left was the expression in the composition.

If you've never heard Chiptune or are really hoping to understand exactly the Chiptune I've been gathering inspiration from for this wall of text, you're in luck! I've put together a mix"tape", and I think that it encompasses a broad spectrum of what Chiptune is capable of both in terms of musicality, as well as being an emotionally driving style of music. I've made sure that every song on here is distributed as a free song, but I think you should take the time to visit your favorite artists and contribute to their wonderful works (why I feel you should financially support musicians is another article entirely, just BELIEVE ME, GIVE THEM MONEY). If you happen to be one of the artists or other such rights holders for any of the songs and don't want your song featured in the download, I will happily remove the track immediately. I've made sure to include the sources where each artists' music is available. I really hope you enjoy this, tell your friends, burn it to a CD, and be sure to realize just how amazing and energizing this stuff is when you crank up the speakers in your car all the way.

And don't be intimidated by the list of mysterious artists you're unsure of, just trust me. This is the best way to get into Chiptune, I picked some really good stuff here. There's something for people who like dance, heavy, ambient, experimental, and just good songs that don't have a genre specification other than CHIPTUNE!

Track Listing (listed album titles when applicable):

  1. Battle Lava - Rise [from Rise]
  2. b4kn - Apple Tooth [from Treasure Map]
  3. ??? - 4 Bit 4 the Masses [from Old Stuff]
  4. Danimal Cannon - Roots [from Roots]
  5. little-scale and Poppi Doser - Antia 6 - Litmus [from Antia]
  6. DKSTR - wailinggoose [from Weekly Treats 2013 (Bonus)]
  7. Battle Lava - Bodies Floating in Zero Gravity [from Searching for Ghosts]
  9. bryface - Disk 3 of 977 [from Weekly Treats]
  10. little-scale - Dragons (Part 2) [from NKYW]
  11. Disasterpeace - Jump Error [from Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar]
  12. Battle Lava - Cornering Dad is Fun [from Pieces]
  13. Space Town Savior - Discover [from Starfields and Cityscapes]
  14. Kubbi - Is it Over Yet? [from Weekly Treats 2013]
  15. little-scale and Poppi Doser - Antia 7 - Circles [from Antia]
  16. Battle Lava - Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely [from Tides]



Buddy, I Wanna Live for a Living

Things are moving in very neat directions and it looks like one of them is the end of this here blog.

I want to keep writing but my heart for writing has not yet found a home, so until the time comes for the appropriate places for my ambitions, poetry, and feelings to find their respective written outlets consider this a writing hiatus. I still get enough traffic to consider keeping this url and making it redirect to a central hub of Falloneus stuff, but I've yet to find cohorts that will help make this happen.

Until then just know that I am on my first real tour with Kevin Schlereth (I'm playing Every Day songs)right now and I may be going on as many as 3 more in the next 12 months. Who knows?!

I'm also working on a 2d Metroidvania style platformer, providing the code and the music. I really want to make this flourish.

I'm also trying to radicalize my heart in every aspect, and a lukewarm writing wasteland is not radical. There was a time when this blog was something I looked forward to writing every other day or so, and I so enjoy to pen the creative thoughts when they arrive in the cranium of mine. But words are being overtaken by actions and sounds these days. I want to make those the primary simply because I feel led to.

You can always keep up with me on Facebook, through Every Day, A Quiet PlaceThe Hallowd Ground, or Patron21 (especially Patron21).

We'll see.

Until sight,
Be free.
Be free.
Be free.


I want my money back

I'm becoming convinced that I perceive humans not as who they are at any one point in time, but rather seperate entities based on their desires, motivators, actions, and direct communications. These are all similar, related traits/categories that are truly independent. Though one can affect another, they can all operate separate from one another.

It's from these things that I see in people I construct who people are, what they want to be, and what they should be. I take every single person I build a relationship with as the person they could/should be. Of course, it's entirely arrogant to say who another person "should" be, but I guess I should reconstruct that to say that I see the spiritual potential in people to positively influence others spiritually around them.

This is why it is not difficult for me to be friendly, to give people chances, to forgive them, and invest time into them.

But I have been thrown into so many situations where I must take the "person" someone is becoming and accept them as true over what that "person" should be. This keeps me from being used and betrayed. I am generally vulnerable to compromise quickly, to give in to demands, to bend under pressure, to give in to aggressive control.

I am broken and manipulated like nothing is truly here.

But I've been planning and encouraging myself to refuse giving in to the demands of those who've neglected my love and stolen my sincerity. For once, maybe the person I should be will show up.

I don't want the people who don't seek their best form in life. I don't want them in my life anymore. You are bringing me down and ruining me. Change or leave, please.

I'm not even asking for change you don't already desire, I'm asking you to own up to a person that already exists and put to death attitudes that inhibit your true potential. If you are not seeking the best, the truth, you are wasting away.


How hard it is, to "pay your dues", when all this time i've been trapped in my room


A Big Plan

I am hoping to make a life-focus shift from working retail and doing things that make me sad to focus primarily on writing, recording, producing, and performing music, designing, writing, and programming video games, and utilizing my writings skills for any potential application, creatively, analytically, or otherwise.

All of this is with the intention of stirring up something in people's hearts that might make them a better version of themselves.

With this change, I will be relying heavily on the funding of kind souls who support and appreciate the things I do. Instead of getting a paycheck from a corporation, I wish for the paycheck to come from individual hearts who contribute and become apart of things I am a part of.

I plan to do this through various outlets, such as:




-Personal Freelancing (email, Facebook, etc.)

And maybe teaming up with some type of publisher, should I ever come in contact with one.

If anyone has any advice on marketing these endeavors seriously, I would love to hear from you.

I'm seeking out a $500 monthly income, I've been praying about it constantly, and until there is no more fire for the flame or the doors never open, I will vigorously pursue living by what I believe in and do best.

Let's do something cool together.


There are strawberries everywhere.


Honesty & Narcissism

Gotta work soon, but I gotta express what's on my chest.

I met Erik (of Self Proclaimed Narcissist) a while back booking him for a show in Spokane. What he didn't know is that I was a stupidly huge fan. What I didn't know is that he was totally all about that, and what we both didn't know is that it would make us, in my opinion, pretty good pals.

Now, usually when I'm a fan of someone's music and get all "Your music changed my life" on them, they get all rockstarry, say something like "glad I could help", then go to sign some pretty girl's CD. Erik, however much he might enjoy attention like every other person on the planet, myself included, never gave me such an air about him, he's always been fairly transparent, and after he released his album Honesty Folk/I heard his song "Van Gogh" did I realize it's something he's about. I'm very much about being a sincere artist, as well as a sincere person, and around the time I met him I really started to make that a part of who I am, so naturally I mixed well with him.

Since that night I booked him and we hung out and became friends, my life had become completely changed. He introduced me to Kevin Schlereth, who after he and Erik drove literally half the country to play a show and hang out with us, got to be my friend after staying up all night talking and laughing with 4 of my other friends in a 5 seater Saturn SW (That's six of us total in that tiny car). After that I played a show with Destroy Nate Allen after talking to them on the internet for some time (they're close with Kevin and Erik), and inbetween all that I got to review all their newest albums as a journalist on Indievisionmusic.com.

My life got real crazy real fast. I thought I was going to be touring with these people and having my lifestyle slowly be absorbed by theirs. Things are a bit different now that 2012 is over, I've gotten to hang with Erik twice already this year and it's been awesome, but the band thing is, to be honest, starting to die out in my life. Booking is more stressful and my bandmates just don't show the commitment these days. I'm not sure.

But that doesn't mean things can't change (they can change, but they won't), everything that's happened in the past year I never ever expected for a second. I am so incredibly thankful for the occasional phone call I get from Erik when I feel like all my friends have changed or forgotten me, who has a hard time with change. It's neat having a friend that you don't get to see much, because you always miss them and every reunion or communication is exciting and inspiring. Granted, I don't invest a lot of time into relationships these days as I try and invest time in myself so I can be a better friend later on (as opposed to a mediocre friend always), the internet makes me feel like there's never an excuse to not strike up a conversation with everyone I lose contact with for a week or two, but in truth if I can't talk to you on the phone for over half an hour or find the motivation to stay up all night with you doing whatever, I doubt there's a real friend connection there.

Here's to a year of friendship and realizing how much you've helped me grow, Erik.
Even if our lives go different paths, I forget all your lyrics, you never throw me on a tour; I just want to appreciate the friends we've been and where we are now.

I hope it lasts forever, but if it doesn't it's whatever.

Write that line in for your next album ;)


Life Dream Get!

I'm gonna make this short and sweet, I'm a bit hysterical, my friend Bobby and I made a Chiptune song that won a boss music contest hosted by the "A.N.N.E." Kickstarter! We are beyond excited right now just to have our music heard by so many people, that's all that truly matters in the end, but we are even more stoked to have won 1st place! That stuff never happens to me, directly, at least. Check out the medley below, check out the other artists (serious props to KaMiZoTo's track, my personal favorite), and back A.N.N.E. on Kickstarter (vote 'YES' on Steam Greenlight too!)! I'll post more as events unfold, probably renovate my blog like I've been planning to (sorry for the bipolar, heavily loaded, unprofessional mess, visitors from A.N.N.E., this blog is a lot of things and stuff) yadda yadda here's the video:


To the Future!

Despite (or in light) of my attempts to avoid scheming about plans concerning finances and where my work is going and all that, a lot has been falling into place as of recent, things completely out of my direct control.

Here come the instances:

My initial hopefulness was inspired by some friends really connecting with me in the last couple days, my friends Bobby and Elijah. Both people I've considered to be my best friends, both who've had some serious run-ins with "do-what-I-want" syndrome. I've been able to support them in making life changes, which has helped me help myself in ways as well.
Basically, in this I've found a potential roommate/friend-I'll-have-around-enough-to-consider-a-brother in Elijah, and a Chiptune partner in Bobby. 

Big-E news is still in the works, but I've been hard at work with Bobby working on my 3rd full-length Chip song, which is turning out to be better than I ever could have imagined it. It went from showing Bobby how LSDJ works to spending about 20 hours of our week hammering out this song. We're trying to win this backer-exclusive music competition for a video game project titled "A.N.N.E." on Kickstarter, and we're going all out for boss fight music, incorporating sound design for an imaginary boss fight, three forms long, complete with transitions and all that. I'll be posting it tomorrow or the next day, we'll be finished later tonight or tomorrow.

On top of all that, summer is coming up, so my game design boys will be out of school schedules, with plenty more time to devote to making our game a reality. I'm really hoping to start a website or blog dedicated to progress on the game once we get into the thick of development and we can start portraying an actual game.

There's only one counter to all the awesome happening and that would be
my love taking a month & a half vacation to the Middle East. I haven't been apart from her longer than a week since we started dating almost two years ago, I feel like life is going to be much harder and lonelier without her. Heck, the week she was gone I nearly lost my mind. I might get more stuff done, but I question how inspired or happy I'll be when she's gone. She is joyous motivation.


Focus Center Focus

I can remember starting the tentatively titled "Musica" project as a part-time endeavor as early back as October of last year. While the idea turned up over a year-and-a-half ago, it was October that I felt dedicated to the idea of becoming a video game designer.
Since the initial birth of the idea, which was a plain combination of Proteus and inbflat.net, it has evolved from a abstract audio/visual sequencer to a casual interactive environment to a full-blown adventure game... and now to something being continually refined day after day.

I watched Indie Game: The Movie and was deeply inspired at my capabilities to design something really meaningful and enjoyable, with hopes of a lot of people playing it.
Finishing my 1st year up in community college got me yearning for greater things. School wasn't enabling me to be a better designer, writer, or musician, and those are simply the things I am passionate about doing. My parents, even to this day, have been claiming support, but still, as they should, show deep concern for my future in financial security.
I just can't help but disagree with them when it comes to traditional education when I seek a life that is entirely unorthodox.

Thus far, the financially concerned mindset has proved to be a deceitful and destructive perspective to my art and myself. I became overtly concerned with "how do I maximize my audience and convince them to give me money, but not too much money because I don't want to do this for money, but I need money and if I have to get it all by working at Hastings I'll never be happy with my life".

Then I start getting fake notifications on my music pages that look like that, and I am further disgusted with the business aspects I keep trying to tie into my art.
It's ploys such as this that brainwash me into thinking that my marketing is more important that my art, and further that if I don't take action it'll fade into obscurity.

All this anxiety and confusion coming from a guy who just decided it would be a good idea to live by "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness (referring to GOD), and all these things will be given to you as well (referring to IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE)."

I think the first step is to reply to the inquisitors of my future with this particular quote (from JESUS).
We'll see how it goes from there.