One More Post to Totally Overdo the First Day of Having a Blogspot...

There really isn't anything quite like a Lazy Sunday, gives you wayyyyyy too much time to lounge around on the laptop, check your facebook and myspace 42 times each, engorge your ears in fine metal, jam on the ol geetar and bass for a good 2 hours (wrote several riffs today :D), get a little heartburn from mexican food, and end everything with the cable encore of Hot Rod! Who doesn't love Andy Samberg, this guy is a comedic genius!

I just love my simple, easily pleasable sense of humor :)

That's all from us here at falloneusbraddidieus.blogspot.com, I'm Ron Burgundy. You stay classy, San Diego.

Chester Cheetah (the Cheetos Cheetah) has a gnarly beard
Chester Pictures, Images and Photos
I only wish I looked that cool.

Night all

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