Sanctified Sunday Metal Morning

I awoke this morning to find I was late to church... Needing a little Jesus to start off my day I hit the internet machines for a little bit of "creative worship".

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth has recently within the last several years found God, so I've taken the time to do some research and listen to the music under this influence. YES, you can still get the old-school thrash metal that instinctively drives you to bang your head while maintaining solid Christian values! "They" say you have to be satanic to make such music. "They" are obviously wrong... I cannot wait to see them live tomorrow!

Album: Endgame

The Agony Scene, apparently now a secular band in an attempt to rid themselves of the "Christian Label" they received under the mighty Solid State Records, but regardless at one time they did sing for God, thus being fair game of spiritual listening in my book. The main point I'd like to make about the band is that the lead singer/screamer has... the absolute BEST screams I have EVER heard. Ever. Period. The end. Absolutely brutal, high pitched, insane that causes heads to turn and pits to start in your very living room! Haha maybe the last part was exaggerated somewhat but I digress... Even a teacher of mine Mr. Jacobson told me via facebook that he liked their screaming. Nuff said, here's a couple songs...

Songs: We Bury Our Dead at Dawn and Beheaded by Demon Hunter feat. Mike Williams of The Agony Scene
Albums: Selftitled and Summer of Darkness

I'm not a huge grindcore fan... yet. But I think I found my entry band! This is ONE guy, mind you, and has made three albums that connected the disgusting brutality of grind both in the artwork and lyrics to his Jesus lovin foundation, and he succeeds immensely. Heck, he has a remake of "Joy to the World" entitled "Gore to the World" and it's insanely... gross and awesome... Not for the faint of heart or the easily sickened, I give you Vomitous Discharge

Album: Festering Carcass Covered With Rot

Happy sunday morning!

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