Delving into the Story Behind the Symphony of Destruction's Fine Performance March 1st, 2010 (copied from my HXCchristian.com post)

I am lucky enough to live half an hour away from Spokane, where Megadeth decided to kick off their "Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary Tour" as well as pre-order the $40 tickets. Waiting in line for 2 hours, no regrets! Absolutely mindblowing, I've never seen a crazier pit in person (this is the first real non-skank pit I've ever been in btw ), they shred sooooo much! At least one solo every song and they played it just like, if not better, than on record! Mustaine, I'm disappointed to say, doesn't seem like the "Christian" he's claimed to be for the past several years, swearing like a sailor on stage, cursing at people he talked about in stories... And during the meet and greet neither he NOR the drummer showed up, Danny Ellefson was there thank goodness and when I told him how happy I was to hear God changed his and Dave's lives he told me quote unquote, "The impossible HAS been made possible."

Overall an insanely fun experience! I couldn't go to school today because I woke up feeling sick as a dog haha I was headbanging the whole night and now my whole body has lost flexibility haha

My main point of posting this was actually to have everyone pray for Dave Mustaine that being in a secular scene doesn't hinder him from living a Christian life and that he could use his music to minister to people in the process. From What i've read he knows pretty well the basis for a Christian life, the next step (besides his sobriety that he thankfully has received from the Lord) is to live it in his band, being in a band like Megadeth sure doesn't exempt you from your commitments to Christ, and it could be clear that he just hasn't come to realize the hypocrisy in his actions but God should set him straight! Maybe Danny can be a catalyst in that

  • Note that I was writing this to a congregation of believers, just writing this note to those of you who aren't Christian and didn't know who exactly I was writing to, this is just to clear up that confusion

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