In a Land Where It's Always Light Out, You Have To Seek Out Shadows To Be In the Dark

Wake up.
Dwell on vain thoughts of self gratification.
Rebuke such thoughts.
Proceed to feel ashamed, worthless, and alone.
Check myspace, facebook, reread blog post from late last night.
Find the song "(The Symphony of) Blasé" by Anberlin.
Listen to the song.
Find the desperate need to do something productive.
Fulfill need by finishing a song two months in the making.
Drive around Fernan Lake with Bobby with whom I converse with about the weekend.
Text an old friend whom had been on my mind earlier, becoming God's way of telling me things aren't as bad as I feel them to be.
Come home.
Argue with my sister over the phone.
Text a new friend.
Have the new friend be confirmation that God wants me to take my life at a better perspective.
Go downstairs to my room.
Look over my song again.
Play it again.
Split the last part of the song into a separate ballad of it's own, writing more to it in the process.
Get really excited for the blessing I received.
Be thankful for the things God's had for me that I failed to see earlier.
Listen to A Plea for Purging's Self-titled EP
Recheck myspace, facebook.
Type new blog.

Quite a variety filled day I must say.
I'll probably post the lyrics of my songs one of these days

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