A Part of Death Not Quite Analyzed

2010 has proven to be a year of death within my family and friends' families. It's been ever so frequent, and it's frequency is rather depressing to be honest.

I don't really feel it necessary to go into the details of all tragedies (it's a tragedy from our perspective at least) but I really want to bring to the attention of those reading (whom I'm sure you are not exempt from this) the people who are left without the opportunity to get to know someone who's died.

I've found myself in this position so many times this year. In the middle between people who are devastated and people who are completely ignorant to the person's pre-death existence. The troublesome parts of being the middle child are scattered among gathering sympathy for those most greatly affected, the decision whether or not it affects yourself, and the regret of being unable to know the person who has passed on any better than you did previously. It's a bitter feeling to hear all the joyous accounts of those who interacted and loved that person, to have such an opportunity to have them be a part of their life.

It just makes one think...
Ponder at how you'd be changed by further relationship if you had the chance...
Definitely gathers the sympathy for those in mourning.
Another thing to add under the "Don't Know What You Have Till It's Gone" Category, but it's also one in it's own.

Definitely something to write and create upon...

I would go deeper into this but I really gotta get sleep tonight :( I hate leaving my blogs like this, I can't take the time to open up my mind and dive into whatever I'm talking about because of school. And seldom do I ever have the drive to return to a blog... bummer :/

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