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Feeling trapped inside my mind, no one to truly connect with as of this last week or so. Not to say I haven't been in a good mood, just not feeling the strength in relationships I'd appreciate having. Old friends are pre-occupied, new friends seem uninterested. Blahhhhhhh, oh well this'll fade away I'm sure, distraction always finds its way into every situation it seems.

This video seems to brighten everyone's day :D nothing like a little APFP

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Oh Diluted Resurrection Day

Superficial Easter, an Americanized ritual based on the most glorious happening in the history of being. However, I'm afraid that its understanding is as lost as Christmas, being on of the most provoking days for greed of the year.

The ignorant and intolerant will argue and fight to satisfy their pride in the lies bestowed unto them. In the process, they sever the ties of anything that opposes a self-satisfying society to neutral, lost, and unknowing minds. They block out truth, refusing to discuss differences on a level playing field, taking biased arguments up without legitimate evidence. The world will remain tense and harsh until they can agree that TRUTH is not a state of mind or belief, it's a state of fact and reality and being.

I promise you one thing.

Christ, is wholly 110% the truthful savior of humanity and the Son of the Living God. He has endowed us not only with truth in His teachings, the evidence of solid fact and truth that we can see historically, and finally with the ever so present Holy Spirit that moves in the lives of His disciples.

God's put a very big desire in my heart to encourage this world, both believers and non-believers, to be open-minded with the thoughts and ideas of those around us, but in this utilize the opportunity to seek out truth in discussion, research, and further methods of understanding the truths of life God has granted us. Truth doesn't hide its face, but it does require pursuit.

Everybody learns things differently, there's no way around that. But if you wish to take up the love and grace of God that He allows everyone to have, you need to honestly and whole-heartedly seek Him out. You can do this by prayer to Him to reveal Himself to you so that you are aware of His reality and existence, and also by looking into His Word by which every single thing you can learn gather from Him can be found.

If you don't think the Bible is historically accurate you are sadly mistaken. I want to go into detail but alas, I need way more time. BUT I do have some resources. Real Life Ministries has a 8 part podcast (which can be found on iTunes) on Christian evidence, the pastor had a prehistory of hating religion, being an evolutionist. He truly was opposed to Christianity and was set to disprove it through science and history. He, like the renowned author C.S. Lewis who had the same goal, managed to prove Christian doctrine to be wholly true both scientifically and historically.

He used hardly any Biblical reference to prove the existence of God, His works and miracles, as well as Christ and His works and miracles. In fact (I apologize for I don't remember the quote right off hand nor the historian, if you comment and ask for it I'll listen to the podcasts again and find it.) one universally accepted historian had stated that the Bible is THE MOST accurate historical document upon all historical documents and to say what is found in the Book is inaccurate is equivalent to saying that all other historical documents are  false, as the Bible is the most proven.

Society will do its best to cover up anything in opposition to it.

Praise God, for His Son is risen and we are saved :)



The toughest thing I seem to encounter in my life is having a good thing last. Most everything I try to start up and make a project/priority in my life (i.e. musical projects, blogs, reading, new friendships) are for the most part, pretty easy to gather the initial idea up for them and have the basic necessities to get started. The problem is my consistency... keeping things rolling, moving, growing and building. For whatever most everything I pursue in my life hits some sort of dead end. The only things that haven't are my relationship with God (which I couldn't lose for any reason), my independent music writing (however slow and tedious it may be) and several lasting friendships.

The solution seems simple right? Just make the time, be disciplined, and follow through with what you do! Soooooo much easier said than done. Sadly enough, I know the answer but am afraid to go through with it... Truth of the matter is I feel like if I hold myself up for higher standards of living like these all they do is make me more susceptible to failure... I think this is a pretty important factor in life. We live in the comfortable surroundings we attempt to create, only leaving our safe haven when we're forced out.

Seems like the best idea at this point is to get out of that comfort zone and reach for something greater. Failure is ever so apparent and it will always be around, but failure in it's very nature proves to be neutral. How you react to it makes it positive or negative.