The toughest thing I seem to encounter in my life is having a good thing last. Most everything I try to start up and make a project/priority in my life (i.e. musical projects, blogs, reading, new friendships) are for the most part, pretty easy to gather the initial idea up for them and have the basic necessities to get started. The problem is my consistency... keeping things rolling, moving, growing and building. For whatever most everything I pursue in my life hits some sort of dead end. The only things that haven't are my relationship with God (which I couldn't lose for any reason), my independent music writing (however slow and tedious it may be) and several lasting friendships.

The solution seems simple right? Just make the time, be disciplined, and follow through with what you do! Soooooo much easier said than done. Sadly enough, I know the answer but am afraid to go through with it... Truth of the matter is I feel like if I hold myself up for higher standards of living like these all they do is make me more susceptible to failure... I think this is a pretty important factor in life. We live in the comfortable surroundings we attempt to create, only leaving our safe haven when we're forced out.

Seems like the best idea at this point is to get out of that comfort zone and reach for something greater. Failure is ever so apparent and it will always be around, but failure in it's very nature proves to be neutral. How you react to it makes it positive or negative.

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