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Help people overcome porn addiction.

Being enslaved is no fun. Especially when you're the master and slave in one and society supports you're struggle.


Music: The Noise People Adore, and the Message They Ignore.

Over the past couple of months I've been diving deep into the realms of music with the suffix of '-core'.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Metalcore
  • Hardcore (and its many, many, manyyyyyyyyy subgenres)
  • Deathcore
  • Mathcore
  • Grindcore
  • Noisecore
  • Beardcore (lol, it's more of a lifestyle than it is music at all, but nonetheless AWESOME)
And the number of bands behind them is so huge I think the all the songs of these bands put together would equal several human lives in length. With large numbers, there's huge amounts of variety so I won't bother to post a list of bands to have you dive into. If you comment on this post I can point you in the right direction for bands of these genres!

But I digress...
The big thing about these bands are numerous: Breakdowns, double bass, wailing guitars, and most unique of all, screaming. *****THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE SCREAMO, THAT IS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STYLE OF MUSIC AND CULTURE*****

The screaming is what I wish to address in this blog.

I L-O-V-E the screaming, growling, squealing, shrieking.... all of it! I think it's so passionate and powerful and commanding, such an intense and driving vocal style that NOTHING can compare to. Period.
But however awesome it may be, there is always one standing issue with it for many people, and I'm starting to realize that it's a real problem... You cannot understand what they're saying 80-90% of the time unless you read the lyrics along with the song... And even for deathcore and grindcore sometimes you just straight up cannot tell if they're using words!

Now I know exactly what you're thinking if you're like most fans of these styles of vocals, "So what?! It's awesome and it's good music, who cares?"

Let me give you an audio-visual example of why the words matter.
This is metalcore group A Plea for Purging's song "Malevolence"


Hilarious right? I cried from laughing the first time I saw it haha.
But you get the point the video made fun of how bands write songs to get fame and money and glory. The lyrics for the song line up with the video (though are no where near as funny)

Here they are, listen again to the video and read along, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to interpret those bellows from Dozer (the lead singer):

Who do you think you are? 
And what have you become?
I have barely recognized your face for so long.
What do you think they see?
And what have you portrayed?
I can barely recognize your face.

It started with just a taste. 
It was just a game. 
But you bought your lies
with the soul you once had. 
You've created a monster. 
A modern day Jekyll and Hyde. 
You're not the same as you once were.
Still not sure you're even inside. 
Do you even know your own name now?

Satisfy or be satisfied. 
Eat it up now
'cause you've dug yourself in too deep. 
Does it taste good? Do they taste good?
Was it worth it? Are they worth it now?

You've created a monster. 
We've created a monster. 

Look at what you've become.
A monster. 

See? Yet almost no one who would hear that song would initially care of its lyrical significance unless you were an avid fan of the band or some other reason. I think that "core" bands are cheated out of their verbal message because of the difficulty found in interpretation. Some more examples include The Devil Wears Prada, who have a very powerful and profound message in their words (Christian as well), yet hardly ANYONE will know this message or their religious origins unless you do a little research.

Now, being a musician myself, when I write my songs, I want to people to hear me out when it comes to my music because if I didn't I would have kept the songs to stay instrumental or I would've just written garbage lyrics (pop music anyone?). But I share this trait with majority of the world's musical talent (so I'd like to think, maybe exclude radio stars, MTV icons, 95% of rappers [jk jk!...ish], etc.), WE HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, and we want to ADVOCATE CHANGE.

The problem isn't necessarily with the type of music or how it's made, I rather support the genres who go all out with brutality because they're among the most dedicated and passionate ones, and they most definitely have something on their hearts worth communicating. Albeit, I definitely think that these bands should try to emphasize what they sing about so that no one is left in the dark. But I think the solution to this problem lies within those who support these musicians to do what they do.


Because they ARE talking to YOU. Otherwise they'd keep the words to themselves... I encourage this so strongly because if these people are not heard, they're nothing more than mindless, circus side-shows in a world where purpose is secondary and entertainment and satisfaction are priority. Don't belittle their carefully crafted art into pointless noise. If you can find it in yourself to make this change, think a bit more critically, and hopefully encourage others to do the same, I GUARANTEE you will find the world of music to be expanded into a much deeper realm of thought then you would've ever imagined before.



Rant about musical idolatry :)


Can't Forget This Day....

Took the AP World History Exam today.... and held a tarantula :D

Something like that :D I have a pic on the phone, maybe i'll post it

Disregard this...

somehow i accidentally got to follow my own blog :P

I Would Give Anything

to write music that’s magical and change the world with it.

Here's some music that IS magical and one can only hope they'll change the world....
Paper Route

Their website's pretty legit as well :D

This band is very innovative and inspiring to me, I really wish I could get into their minds and learn how to create such beautiful sound :)


The Greatest Disappointment in My Life...

...is watching someone you looked up to as a role model and friend and mentor crumble into everything you thought they wouldn't be.


"I speak the truth, but they don't hear." -Debtor

"...And that's the great thing about revival..."

You know, feeling lost in the creative sea of a world is common in my life.
I feel as though I'm just a wave trying to imitate another wave that looks just like all the other waves.
Except for those tidal waves, now those ones are a breed of their own.
They make their point, accompanied with an earthquake, coming down miles in shore, causing a ruckus heard worldwide.
I'm feelin like a wave that just wants to be heard.
To stand out.

Realization (a story)
But now I think about that... What a selfish move, just bringing that up.
Honestly, catch me half a year ago or so and I would've stood by such a statement with no second guessing.
At all.
I felt pretty worthless.
I think it was an answered prayer that I can finally feel confident in the names I would bring up if a man were to ask me, "Have you made any difference at all?"
I would say to this man, "Sir, I have been empty and purposeless for a very great portion of my short life. Majority of the people I know would make the same statement. But, I've been called, personally, to do a great amount of work. Even with a direction I felt that I still mattered not a bit more than a breath to a perfectly healthy person. My employer asked me 'to be patient and continue to work diligently, what you do is satisfactory and appealing to what I've asked you.' I took these words lightly, and over time lowered my standards. This continued until he finally felt it timely to reveal my work history. The results far exceeded the expectations I had ever hoped for, even with the high hopes of the past. As opposed to feeling accomplished and proud I felt two things. Peace in this purpose driven mission, and a undying need to work harder and bring more glory whom I serve."

The man replied, "I can tell how the work you've done has changed you. And boy do you talk a lot."

I sure do talk a lot.

Umm... Anyways...
A couple weekends ago I had the blessed chance to wallow in the peaceful mood so spontaneously given to me. Although I did neglect my responsibilities from school I managed to have my heart paced down, my mind cleared and refocused, and my eyes shown a great deal of potential selflessness I can take into in my life.
If there was ever one thing I would emphasize to everyone I ever met it would be to put down your pride and actually take in what a person has to say to you. Another perspective of life can change yours entirely.
If you approach new ideas (i.e. advice, music etc.) with an educated, humble attitude, you will be astounded at the amount of change that ensues.

Wow none of those things made any connection in the end.
I'm distracted by this movie entitled "Invasion", so I'm going to end this post :P This has just been me pouring my thoughts out as they come, sorry if it doesn't make sense in places.


So After a Little REVIVAL....

You'll be hearing from me more. I have a big ol thing typed out in my drafts but it's not done yet.

Here's a scripture that's changed my relationship with God on like 65837593475093 levels :)

Psalm 86:11 “Teach me your way O Lord, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.”


The End of an Age Doesn't Come Till Someone Notices it's Gone

I'm done blogging for a while. My thoughts can't really be put into words, my creative juices have been sucked dry. I can't even write music anymore. There's no definable source to this happening that I'm aware of, but I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Maybe I'm lying and I'll post tomorrow... Probably not.
But boy am I full of inspiration. 

That's not gone yet.