"...And that's the great thing about revival..."

You know, feeling lost in the creative sea of a world is common in my life.
I feel as though I'm just a wave trying to imitate another wave that looks just like all the other waves.
Except for those tidal waves, now those ones are a breed of their own.
They make their point, accompanied with an earthquake, coming down miles in shore, causing a ruckus heard worldwide.
I'm feelin like a wave that just wants to be heard.
To stand out.

Realization (a story)
But now I think about that... What a selfish move, just bringing that up.
Honestly, catch me half a year ago or so and I would've stood by such a statement with no second guessing.
At all.
I felt pretty worthless.
I think it was an answered prayer that I can finally feel confident in the names I would bring up if a man were to ask me, "Have you made any difference at all?"
I would say to this man, "Sir, I have been empty and purposeless for a very great portion of my short life. Majority of the people I know would make the same statement. But, I've been called, personally, to do a great amount of work. Even with a direction I felt that I still mattered not a bit more than a breath to a perfectly healthy person. My employer asked me 'to be patient and continue to work diligently, what you do is satisfactory and appealing to what I've asked you.' I took these words lightly, and over time lowered my standards. This continued until he finally felt it timely to reveal my work history. The results far exceeded the expectations I had ever hoped for, even with the high hopes of the past. As opposed to feeling accomplished and proud I felt two things. Peace in this purpose driven mission, and a undying need to work harder and bring more glory whom I serve."

The man replied, "I can tell how the work you've done has changed you. And boy do you talk a lot."

I sure do talk a lot.

Umm... Anyways...
A couple weekends ago I had the blessed chance to wallow in the peaceful mood so spontaneously given to me. Although I did neglect my responsibilities from school I managed to have my heart paced down, my mind cleared and refocused, and my eyes shown a great deal of potential selflessness I can take into in my life.
If there was ever one thing I would emphasize to everyone I ever met it would be to put down your pride and actually take in what a person has to say to you. Another perspective of life can change yours entirely.
If you approach new ideas (i.e. advice, music etc.) with an educated, humble attitude, you will be astounded at the amount of change that ensues.

Wow none of those things made any connection in the end.
I'm distracted by this movie entitled "Invasion", so I'm going to end this post :P This has just been me pouring my thoughts out as they come, sorry if it doesn't make sense in places.

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  1. love this descriptive: "I feel as though I'm just a wave trying to imitate another wave that looks just like all the other waves"

    Good job Fallon and your conclusion is hysterical. It probably wasn't meant to be but I laughed outloud. Invasion was a good movie. Blessings!