Hope and Faith.
Put an end my recurring state of depravity


Found this in an email attachment from freshman year.
Most of it still holds true, except that I try to relinquish control of my life over to GZUS

Project Me Poem
I’m Fallon Braddy
You can spell it however you like, simply because I do the same
My faith in my Savior is the most important thing in my life
It’s not just some concept based off of morals that come from a highly regarded book
It’s the real thing, miracles and all
I’ve seen them, experienced them
God makes me who I am
I’m a natural musician
Music is one of my few talents and passions
To me it’s much more than noise with a meaning
It’s an outlet and way of life
I hope to build my future from it
I am a minimalist sort of person
I enjoy much in life, but I can live on almost nothing
Through fire and lightning, flood and drought
Loss and hate, pain and misery
I have conquered it all, and still do
I will find humor in the stupidest and most serious of things
Laughing keeps me from insanity
I try to be a very social person
Communication is a large aspect of entertainment for me
I try to stay on the half full side
Though sometimes loneliness and failure can get the best of me
It’s important I distract myself from such things to keep me from being consumed
Worrying is one of my biggest problems
I can worry about anything and everything
The hard part for me is learning to handle the things I worry about
I also tend to procrastinate
Still haven’t figured it out since grade three
There’s absolutely nothing good that comes from it
I’m generally pretty slow and sleepy
I could sleep for days and still be tired
I’m a very trusting person
You can trust me with anything and I will do the same
I can even trust a person despite most bad things they do to me
I’m addicted to MySpace and texting
And they’re habits I choose not to break
I strive to maintain my individuality
I like to have my looks and personality to keep you guessing
The most illegal thing I’ve done is litter
And I’m hoping the most illegal thing I ever do is go over the speed limit
I long for freedom to go where I want and pick more of my responsibilities
Control over my own life is important to me
These are some few things about me
I hope you have more of a clear understanding

What I Wish to Listen to

Is not so much progressive, but rather focused on the moment. If it has anything to do with the past or future I only hope that it's immediate.

And let's keep it instrumental, aight?