From Facebook starting today 10/3/10 to a minimum of 2 weeks, but I'm shooting for a month.
I waste so much time on that website waiting for conversation to happen, and it always leads me down undesirable paths. I want to take the time I spent there and devote it to God.

And I'm done with Tumblr. It is a bigger waste of time and is too much engrossed in worldly values for me to be comfortable with when I'm alone.

I'll be on blogger, hxcchristian.com/forum, Skype (falloneus), and my cell phone. And email fallonbraddy@gmail.com
Myspace is NOT a big deal though, I just go on there for music

Goals to accomplish upon fasting:

1. Reread Gospels
2. Not be stressed with homework
3. Do some recording/writing
4. Stage dive
5. Pray. A lot.

And periodically post some "Bible Study" things based on some albums I've been digging lately.

1 comment:

  1. I started yesturday, for 2 weeks hopefully forever.
    But sadly, my mind has already tricked me for having a legitimate reason for getting on, but I'm not!

    All of your goals are fantastic, but how will you accomplish stage diving from fasting? Hmmm.....