Obviously I'm not in as much need as I need for you to help me.
I'm not crying out to you loud enough.
My notes don't match the appropriate consonance to catch your ear.
This pain doesn't ache badly enough for the need to be healed.
It's just right in the middle.

Not small enough to go away.
Not big enough for any type of intervention.

But this is all my own fault.
I took all this into my own hands.
And just as before, I have failed myself.
And when I cry out to you, I can never understand,
Why I don't stop feeling lonely.
Why I just want to hide away from every person I know (no one excluded from that)
And never get the false hope that I'll pull through.
Because I won't.
And I'm sick of being teased by optimism.

Please prove me wrong.

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