There truly is nothing more enlightening than a reflection.
Seeing how you were in the past
Relating where change is absent
Relating where change happened
I truly thought that this blog was just where I posted my feelings of hopelessness
But God truly has made an impact on me in a way I've never seen, but have been so active in.
A relentless motivation to never give up on myself, my God, or this world I've been sent to.
I look at my pain and depravity through a lens of encouragement.

I am not as alone as I feel.
I am as alone as long as I wait behind the rest of you.

I am not as bland as I thought of myself.
I am as bland as the grip of pity is permitted to take hold.

I am not as hopeless as I believed I was.
I am hopeless when I reject the hope that is handed to me.

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  1. Glad to see your coming to realization to how you really feel.