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Just take in the prior knowledge you failed to research about Impending Doom through any lyrics, interviews, or other reliable source. Their approach in spreading the gospel can be found in these lyrics:

Silence the Oppressors

To the following Christians listen closely.
We bring our light to a new realm, a realm you dare not enter,
Passing judgment behind stone walls, behind your absence of understanding.
We will crush your walls that dictate where our ministry goes,
Don't you ever tell me I'm using God as a gimmick.
I'm not a heretic, I'm not a hypocrite;
Those insults make me sick from the ones I have fellowship with.
We aren't doing this for our own, but for one name holy and alone.
These venues are our church,
We are the gospel in the darkness, and this is our exaltation.
We are the gospel in the darkness; we bring our light to a new realm,
A realm you dare not enter, passing judgment behind stone walls,
Behind your absence of understanding.
Are you listening!!!
We'll crush the walls that dictate where our ministry goes,
This is our church, this is our worship, GORSHIP!

"Boosh Dingo" in order of all of your visual posts, starting with the Sonshine 2010 video

Sonshine festival is a Christian festival, meant for spirit-filled bands. The audience is there to participate in worship lead by these bands, Impending Doom being one of them. Don't you think if these organizers of an all-ages festival dedicated to serving the Lord would do a bit of research, background check, interview, etc. to make a fair-judgement if the bands should participate in their festival? The "baphomet sign" you pointed out the crowd using, has a meaning that, in this day and age, is completely user defined. At any metal show I have been in (both Christian AND secular) they're never defined as blasphemy or "devil horns", but as metal hands, metal horns, rock horns, something to show appreciation for the music.

Inverted Cross shirt:
St. Peter was crucified UPSIDE DOWN
Debtor, the name on this logo, is one of the most spirit-filled hardcore bands I have ever listened to. Their theology is Biblical, solid. Do you consider martyrdom as blasphemy? Because I've only known of MARTYRS FOR CHRIST being crucified upside. Whatever movement to take upside crucifixes as rebellion against God only more gave truth the The Beatitudes of Jesus As in Matthew 5 10-12 NIV:

"10Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
      for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
 11"Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you."

Upside-crosses should be more understood as a symbol of martyrdom, which any who claims to be a disciple of Christ should be willing to accept upon themselves. There is more Biblical precedence for an upside-down crucifix than the spiritually-dead cathedral in my town, where symbolism (idolatry) and "doing the right thing" are god, NOT Christ.

T-shirt: Do you not notice the dead "priest" with the dollar symbols right in front of the ouroboros? The picture is rebuking the Catholic idolatry of saints. 

Look similar? Catholicisms portrayal and philosophies on the saints are NOT Biblical by any means, they're pure, textbook idolatry. I could go on and on about how twisted the theology of the Catholic church is, but the point is that Impending Doom is pointing out the true nature of these images. The ouroboro you pointed out is the saint's halo. Do the math.

The picture after that is NOT the same band, it's a band from GERMANY. 

Read your pictures before you post them, realize that the Impending Doom band of the subject is this one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impending_Doom

SO the next logo could quite easily be more related to the German band than the US band.

And that last video does not stand for any support in your argument, you cannot see hardly any of the symbols to which you are trying to point out. EVEN IF, they were there, you must understand that Christian Hardcore/Metal/Core bands who establish themselves as bold Christians will use bold statements. Just as Christ was called a heretic for crimes of "blasphemy" which were blatantly proven wrong, these bands undergo the similar, if not the criticism. They take the themes, music, art form etc., which were predominantly open to artistic interpretation, pushed into satanic stereotypes, and reach out to youth who would naturally be attracted to the themes. An even better purpose yet, they'll prove the ignorance of modern "Christians" and how set in tradition and shallow theology they are.

The symbols Impending Doom uses are used in rebellion to satan, as the satanic symbols were originally against God.

Do not be so blind. Check your own faith, check your own Biblical knowledge, find wisdom in it.


  1. I wrote this a bit tired and without a whole lot of revision, if you see any confusing or contradictory statements please let me know so I may clear up my true meaning.

    I wrote this retort for the purpose of rebuking ignorance toward the ministry of spirit-filled, Biblical hardcore music, as well as ignorance as a whole. Christ works more through these bands and these people than a very high percentage of the "Christian" faith.

  2. And even more importantly, I do not wish to be prideful with any knowledge I have conveyed, as I know that there is always another person that can debate with any information no matter what. I meant this out of defense of the Gospel and those who claim it, in the most humble way I can without losing firmness in my message.

  3. Ha, Germany.
    Uhm I want to go to sonshine fest.
    Also, kudos. I just learned some things.