By the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony...

God has really been shining on me and helping me figure out how to live again.
I put all my problems out of my control for the longest time.
Sometimes I used unsolvable problems as an excuse to be hopeless, when the reality is the problems I substituted can't happen, so no wonder I assumed my life was indefinitely bleak.

I assumed I could never have any self-control within myself to overcome my lustful tendencies.
Truth is, I actually make those choices of staring and fantasizing and acting on those ambitions...
I CAN actually not do those things, I can even physically!
It's all a matter of my willingness to actually follow through and abstain.
As a result of this realization, God's victory over my lust is becoming clearer and clearer every day.
We will overcome.

My loneliness, a popular issue in my life, is a bit unrealistic, now that I look at it from outside the fog of idolatry.
I was so convinced that being in love or having a girlfriend or even a one night stand or something would take away the emptiness I felt.
The pain was very real, there is no question.
However, I feel I fed this problem much more than I should have,
a bit like watering weeds along with the rest of a garden.
I placed more faith in "love" or another person more than I did in my God, who is always faithful, and ALWAYS loving.
It kinda comes back to the lust ordeal, I was just looking for satisfaction. Now.
With my focuses changed and my blessings realized,
We will overcome.

What have you overcome? What WILL you overcome?

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