Don't Leave Me Cold (Lyrics)

Deep calls to deep in the roars of your waterfalls
All of your ocean waves have swallowed me whole
But truly I fear the worst, a gasp of air
Cruelly my lungs demand a poisonous fare

Swallow me whole
Don't leave me cold
So cold
So bold

Found my way down into a blackened hole.
Where light shines the most, or so I'm told
Have you put me in a place where darkness hides?
Because it's never been less bright
or in pain, I've closed my eyes.

Lord help me now
You've carved it in my heart to seek you out
Could you dig a little deeper now?
Could you carve the curse of flesh right out?

I wish it were that easy.
Though I've been reborn, the old saying goes
"Old habits die hard."

I put to death, all of me, unto you
Refresh my spirit anew...

I've put all my faith into a safe container
A dry place where not a single flower would ever grow
Introvertedly I pace in the halls of my mind
And now I recognize this place, and in shame, I curse my life

Jesus I'm callin' you out
I need you to please come and save me now
Why is it so hard for me to claim your name?
With all sincerity, my gripping fingers are slipping from the pain

But still I'll hold on to you
And I always will, there's never a day that you've failed me
You caught the fit I threw

I wish the world would know
I wish the world would listen
Frustration is a chance to grow
Try not to be your own foe

I put to death all of me unto you
Refresh my spirit anew

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