It Seems

I am either gifted with a large workload of friends who need my help.
Or I am too involved with trying to consul them all..
I don't know the difference.
All I know is that I have counted 7 people in two days who need my undivided attention and care.
And it's really hard for me when I'm trying to make myself feel like my problems matter at all.
I don't feel like they do.
I truly appreciate the care from those who give it.
I need all the love I can get.
Internal stress is bad.


  1. Go through the roof, & underground.

    Uh, I'm always here to talk about your problems & you know that.

  2. Fallon my young friend,
    You're problems matter... but, please don't forget that you are an exceptional young man even when you feel like a mess.. so cut yourself some slack, quit trying to be perfect, have a bad day and write a crappy song or two... just because not everything has to be the best.
    If I could name one obvious gift that God gave you, it's a compassionate heart and no matter what path He leads you down or what career you undertake, it will always involve caring for people. It's a God thing.
    I don't know the circumstances of your friends but if you are trying to offer advice or find solutions then maybe that should stop... maybe you should just use the obvious gift, and be a compassionate listener.
    After all, you and I both know that God has the answer and knows the solution.. leave it to Him. I think it might be less draining... and make sure you don't ever let yourself get too drained .. spend extra time with people and things that recharge your battery.. refill your cup.

  3. April, I really needed to hear that. Thank you so much