New Years is always a time to reflect for this guy...

Just thinking about where I was in life this time last year:

Seemingly found the love of my life.
My best friend experienced a tragedy that set a soul free.
I was closer with God than ever before.

To think I was so well rooted, I thought I had a flawless start to a fresh new year.

This year, I grew my closest to God I had ever been, then the farthest.

My pessimism focuses on the depravity I was stricken with but there was so so so much good that came out of the year.
New Life and Summertime.

This year:

I'm closer with my real friends than ever before.
I've made some new amigos.
I've come to humble myself and my imperfections much more than before, realizing failure is a constant part of me, yet I shall resist it to the best of my extent.
I'm much more spontaneous.
My love life is fickle, more so than ever before.
I'm not where I was spiritually last year.

But I have a feeling I'm where I need to be.

And things will go uphill soon enough.

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