Release (Post from myspace, I don't want their shutting down to delete my thoughts)

Light is so pure
If you glance and look away 
The dark will disorient and overtake 
Don't give the leeway  

Pain is simple 
Suppressants are seldom 
And the ones that you'll find demand their interest 
Please pay them back now or I fear you'll regret 
You'll become a debtor Enslaved to whom you owe 
You can't pay the pied piper It's a sham, he's a liar 
Leave him now, don't come back again 
While you are weak, old strength decays 
Unless you take the weight your bones can still win 
So eager for deception 
Can you resist temptation? 
Do you call this embrace? 
You take in poison 
Only raping yourself. 
Pride in death. 
The world wastes away 
Mirrors will provide An answer to your one word question 
Loathe the truth, never satisfied. 
Pain is justified. 
We are why. 
Cease this 
Otherwise we'll cease to exist. 
Does your memory retain? 
Is it intact? 
What you've done, beat your head on bricks 
For the thrill 
For the numbing 
For self-glorifying, self-pleasuring, self-mutilating internal rebellion Independence, you are here by your own hand 
You deny out of pride 
For the sake of greed, fight what is right 
You fight love you can't administer yourself 
Release the inhibitions you've placed. 
Open your shell. 
Amidst this blind rampage has been your forsaken reason 
A gift only able to idle until you open your eyes 
Even then you mistake it for evil and flee It has always persisted, despite how you rebuke and abandon 
The guilt and conviction is the very gift, paid with humility. 
Otherwise your remorse is vain, and selfishness has consumed you 
Denial would be confirmation. 
Or further prove to be a brutal amnesia.

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