The Difference

Between complaining
And expression.

I can't find the line.



I find you judge- this heart which longs to sing freely
Your closed ears inflict pain upon- this heart which longs to sing freely

Wrapped in the complexity of beauty
Interrupted by fire and crime
Though once engrossed in a growing forest
I am cut down in guilt's resound.

Tension seals off resolve to- this heart which longs to sing freely
Their is no mutuality in humility for- this heart which longs to sing freely

Fury has been risen, and brightens
Further you deny that I apologize
Failing to sketch the picture etched
Friendship has taken the shape of a dead fate

Sentences will keep imprisoned- this heart which longs to sing freely
Sentences cannot take the freedom from- this heart which longs to sing freely

I will let go with hope
Hope in pacifism and release
Release of this aggression and stagnancy
Stagnancy from growth will be no more

Good bye



Wrote his poetry with precise rhythm, rhyming, and other literary techniques.
It makes me want to stop being an amateur.


The Demise of My Depression Driven Direction

17's a new year for me...

The suicide of solitude,
death to depression,
the lynching of loneliness.

With these songs, may there be release.



I Literally am Unable to Express Myself

I can only poorly explain how I feel.

There is never the perfectly placed pattern of notes, nor the precise lyrics to land a shot on my heart and set me free.
Regardless if it's a song of mine or someone else's, nothing is good enough.

No series of logically placed adjectives or clever analogies could get this monster out of my head and out of my life.

My eyes are dry, despite the immense pressure weighing on the floodgates.

Guilt overtakes when my anger is displayed.

This post is even entirely worthless to me. It's not even 1/1000th what I feel inside.

I just don't know anymore. About anything.


I am Tortured

I can't escape this inward conflict.
A personal affliction I have no part in.
My feelings are entirely detached.
A totally separate entity, an internal enemy.
The first thing I think of when I wake.
Is the last when consciousness slips past.
Broken down by relentless recurrence.
This cursed longing within me.

No Pain, No Gain (Incomplete)

My heart stopped dropping at the thought of  a girl.
Although I couldn't quite pinpoint the emotions I felt
As memories passed on through my head
They stopped morphing into pain of a soul misled
Unfogged are my eyes, I see the neglect
To take the time to make amends
And right the mistakes of which my character breaks.
And finally change the boy into a manhood age.

But when names and faces come around
This work has gone to waste.
When progress makes its leaps and bounds
Life puts me in my place.
I stick my face in to the ground
And I hide myself from grace.
Spit out of mouths; where I'll be found
In a world that's void of taste.

I'm lost in indifference
Smiles fade with the grave hearted here
Life entombed, crushed under the boot
Of a world that just won't disappear


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