No Pain, No Gain (Incomplete)

My heart stopped dropping at the thought of  a girl.
Although I couldn't quite pinpoint the emotions I felt
As memories passed on through my head
They stopped morphing into pain of a soul misled
Unfogged are my eyes, I see the neglect
To take the time to make amends
And right the mistakes of which my character breaks.
And finally change the boy into a manhood age.

But when names and faces come around
This work has gone to waste.
When progress makes its leaps and bounds
Life puts me in my place.
I stick my face in to the ground
And I hide myself from grace.
Spit out of mouths; where I'll be found
In a world that's void of taste.

I'm lost in indifference
Smiles fade with the grave hearted here
Life entombed, crushed under the boot
Of a world that just won't disappear

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