For Aspiring Electronic-based Artists who are a bit Tech-Savvy

I just figured (despite the fact that no one reads my blog except for Lightpost and some trolls here and there) that if any artist were to come across this blog and was curious as to how to start up their grounds to be some type of electronic artist, but with a budget of $0.00, then I will share some tools with you to help out. (note that I'm not entirely sure if ANY of this software works with Mac, but if you have Mac, you probably have Garageband so you wouldn't need any of this, now would you ;) (Pretty sure this all works with Linux, don't crucify me if I'm wrong!)

First and foremost, RECORDING SOFTWARE:

Best free tool around. User friendly, simple-yet-useful effects to add to your tracks, track editing, export to .WAV, .OGG, and (wait for it...) .MP3 (IMPORTANT! To export your projects as .MP3s you MUST DOWNLOAD the LAME encoder, which you can find at the AUDACITY website).

You can record via an external microphone, typically for live instruments or amps, otherwise, if you record via the wave-out mix you will record anything the computer speakers are playing. This way, you hit RECORD on Audacity, switch over to your music, hit play, wait till the song is over, the hit STOP on Audacity, and boom, there's your track, free to edit and export.

I personally use Audacity for ALL of my recording projects, including Lightpost, Death 0tter, Every Day, and Brenna Dunn's music. (See bottom for more info about my recording projects and how YOU can become a part of them.)

Next, the CREATION SOFTWARE: (note that these programs are not necessarily easy to pick up without going to tutorials or guides, but they ALL have many
LMMS (for electronic or MIDI based music, such as Dubstep, Techno, Drumstep, etc.)

This is a bit complicated... BUT it has an all-encompassing wiki found on the main site and many video tutorials on Youtube. It has a massive and varied library of instruments, instrument plug-ins, audio samples, and instrument effects, as well as some demos you can open and edit freely. It's essentially an imitation of FL studio, only not as ummm, FL studio-y. Artists have uploaded some samples on Youtube if you're curious to hear the magnitude this program is capable of.

Anvil Studio 2011

This is great if you're looking to make music and are familiar with standard musical notation A.K.A. SHEET MUSIC. It also has a piano-roll editor which is a bit more friendly to those who don't know too much music theory. the main sounds it runs off of is your default general MIDI card, but I believe you can plug in your own MIDI instruments and (for a fee) use real-instrument audio samples. The program is very fun to use, you can even transpose some of your favorite sheet music to hear it on different general MIDI instruments! Also has many tutorials, if you'd like I can upload a power point my friend Drew Freeman and I made.

Little Sound DJ (LSDJ) (LEGITIMATE CHIPTUNE! Requires Visual Boy Advance or some money)

This is software made to create your own Chiptune music on the Gameboy, GBC, & GBA. I personally prefer GBC, but then again, I don't actually have the physical cartridge, I've only run LSDJ via the .ROM demo version. IT'S VERY COMPLICATED, it took me about three unfocused hours to get it down, and I'm still learning things, the manual and all the tutorial links are found on the home page. If you have prior knowledge about how sequencers, synthesizers, and wavelengths work then it will help you tremendously. Otherwise, I encourage you to put in the time to learn this, because it sounds sooooooooo great.

So that about sums it up, if you have any other questions toward your independent music ventures let me know and I'll try my best to answer them completely. OTHERWISE, keep reading for a shameless pitch in a project I'd like to get rollin', which (if you're an active, creative, original musician or band) YOU can be a part of.

Amidst recording with my friends Lightpost and Brenna Dunn, I've come to realize how much I love producing and recording with other artists, seeing it all come to life. It's like raising a child within a matter of days.
Well, I wanna expand on it, I GOTTA HAVE MORE BABIES!
I want artists (you??) to submit to me some music, whether it be folk-punk or technical death metal or chiptune or ambience, and help me build somewhat of a record label. One where the artists can join together to play shows together, make splits, collaborate, and maybe even try to make a difference with their music. This is, by no means, a venture with profit being the drive, simply because money in the music industry is pretty much dead unless you are truly blessed with a following.

I'm sure Fueled by Ramen will be taking your demos.

I just wanna help out with artists who want their music to be heard by somebody, anybody. I wanna give artists the chance to feel like their music means something to them and someone else, to not feel like a wannabe. I want help record your music on somewhat quality equipment, I want to you to feel like you're a part of something greater, not just some person with a dumb hobby.

Music is so much more than a hobby, it has so much more power and potential than that.

Contact me for inquiries, I'll hook you up!

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