For the month.

  1. Practice stand-up bass for like 9 hours
  2. Jazz listening(s)
  3. Lucretia push for mechanics, start first level.
  4. Code through chapter 5
  5. Make Lightpost cds to sell
  6. Edit all of Brenna's songs
  7. Write and record guitar for Brenna's songs.
  8. Write and record percussion for Brenna
  9. Write and record piano for Brenna
  10. Fill out & turn in Silverwood papers
  11. Make time for small group and youth group
  12. Practice w/ The Redheads
  13. Fix the numerous things with my car (In progress)
  14. Figure out dual enrollment situation
  15. Not suck at getting over being single
  16. Pray
  17. Sleep
  18. ACT, SAT testing
  19. Get trucks and wheels
  20. Pre-order the new Explosions album
  21. Ska practice regularly
  22. Not worry
  23. Do chores without being asked
  24. Reckless Pursuit practice
  25. Get cymbals, set up drumset
  26. Practice drums
  27. Get rid of my computer and entertainment center
  28. Make music for other people's games (In Progress)
  29. Keep writing words
  30. Make time for the friends I don't see
  31. Promote the hell out of Lightpost

I see much failure in the future.

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