I'm Just a Worthless Waste of Space, Nothing Goes Right and It Never Will. The World I've built has Turned to Dust. Despair and Misery are All I can Feel.


Hope for Death

Who am I?
What's the point of this life?

My groans are pouring out like water
From this wretched, weak, & pitiful frame

I know I have no future here.

But I will hold on to you.

When everything I've worked for withers up and collapses
And all my best endeavors are worthless defeats
And all they would've gotten me anyway
Is empty vanity that rots to nothing

Everything I do is washed away by the waves
Building sand castles with the tide coming in
The one true thing that lasts is service to You
I wanna make this count

Give me love, make me whole
Let my time be worth something at all


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