So Long

I'm shaving off my goatee today. I've had it since last summer and now that I've been employed at Jack in the Box, I've decided no (wimpy) goatee is better than an annoying beard-net.

But of course knowing me, I just HAVE to make everything symbolic or important or whatever, because I believe there is significance and something to learn from most anything.
For this particular one (I have no idea why this is double-spaced, no matter, I'll be the only one reading this), I've decided to dedicate this to the outlandish attitudes and fantasizing I am so prone to (i.e. being in a Christian punk/HXC/Ska/Deathcore/post-rock band that I would love, being apart of an indie band with my friends, playing shows, recording my own music,  spoken word poetry, coding, being in a successful relationship, etc.) is to be done away with.
My reasoning is this: none of these things ever get done. I make an effort, then it either doesn't come together or I simply quit.
I'm done coming up with band names, I'm done writing halves of songs, riffs, random incomplete verses, thinking a girl of my stupidly high standards will ever come around, and most of all think that I'll actually quit my addictions.
Weak. Lack of dedication/will-power. Unorganized. Unrealistic. Call it what you will.
After today I start the first day of the rest of my life. I'm training for two jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with my passions. All they're doing is funding for my responsibilities of insurance, gas, and college. Even if I had a good plan for any of the things I care about, I will no longer have time.
This is the real world. Just gotta pray I have time with Jesus.

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