60 Days.


I glance at that face and I am disgusted.
I hear that name and am only curious out of spite.
I am near you and only associate with you to confirm and justify your prolonged absence,
Your arranged departure,
From my life.

I am both amazed and appalled that regrets are unheard of.

The only reason I don't miss you.
Is because you've forgotten me.

I really do miss the person that you were.
But now you're dead to me.
And all the mourning that was once prepared has been burned away.

Bitter is all that is left.
The only reason I could feel any source of remorse is through wishful thinking.
Wishing, thinking, maybe you do still care.

Maybe you miss me...

But you've abandoned the affinity I built.
Rejected my love,
Rejected my open palms and open arms again and again and again and-

"Now something has kept me here too long-

And now I'm gone."


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