The Final Final LAN

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As part of the Lake City Game Creator tradition, every year we have a Final LAN (LAN stands for Local Area Network, and is commonly associated with video game events set up on a LAN. Because that's so complicated to explain we just call them LANs) to celebrate the end of the school year and as a farewell to the seniors in the club who will be moving on to the rest of their lives.

This Final LAN is probably the last one LCGC will have, and LCGC may come to an end after next year.

As these seniors leave the club, so also leaves the last productive generation of LCGC, thus leaving me the only senior to be in the club next year, with the underclassmen only contributing fragments of projects, never striving to make something more than what could be forgotten a day later.

J and I agree that this may be the beginning of the end. He and I will be working on a project of our own, hoping to recruit an artist or two. We want the end of GC to be one on a high note, a polished, professional, rich game. One that we can both be proud of.

Just an insight on what some may consider a small part of my life.
Truth be told it's a bit more than that.

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