Some of the most repulsive things my eyes ever come across are when people talk about/are doing/praising:

Intoxication of any kind (i.e. drunk, stoned, high, etc.)
Secrets (or lying in general)
Guys that take advantage of girls
Girls that make the saying "Nice guys finish last" a reality
Flaunting anything sexually provocative (behavior, pictures, dressing, etc.)
Hiding from uncomfortable subjects
Refusing to take any sort of blame upon oneself
Cynical humor
People who know what's best for them and don't even struggle choosing the polar opposite (especially with girls)
People who call me friend but refuse to find out who I really am
People who know who I really am and neglect the bond we have
Those who claim one name but serve another.


  1. I am sorry if I am any of this. You know I love you.

  2. Everyone I know has been a part of this to some degree. Myself included.

    I love you too.