107 days

And I realized I stopped counting somewhere in the 70's.

I can finally say I'm no longer attached to the thought of our being together.
I can finally say I've moved on from you.
I have finally realized those prophecies are not true.
I have finally realized now our friendship has nothing to bind us to.

Risk and regret is a good portion of what came out of that.
I was in love with the idea that you were made for me.
But there are times I would not have rather spent any place else.
It's over now.

Alas, the lonely lingers on.
I will pray against it, and learn what it means to have faith at all.
The entire experience of falling for what I thought to be you ruined my whole idea of having sincere, hope-filled faith.
But it was all due to my obsession, not you.
Don't ever think it was you.
Christ endures forever.
He'll change me soon enough.
I have faith in that.

I do.

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