"Above All Else, Guard Your Heart, for it is the Wellspring of Life."

I hardly know anyone that makes the choices of self-control I do.
While most flirt with Satan, I have my walls up.
And yet these walls must be thin, or that voice be loud,
I hear of things that once drew my eye.

The abstraction of emotion is so, so, so dangerous,
Just as well the communication of it.
Just as well the inspiration of it.

I have a great ability to appreciate art and feeling,
As well as to empathize & sympathize with them.
However, like many good things, it can be used wrongly.

The best example I can give is of Bon Iver.
Bon Iver is a musical artist that epitomizes what I would consider to be an artist.
To understand that, you must know what I consider to be art.

Art, in a general sense, is anything intelligently created with the purpose of communicating a message and/or inciting emotion within the person who experiences art.
That's my opinion of course, but I think that definition wouldn't be denied by any artist I know, but most likely added to.
Like I said, it's general.


Bon Iver's music is so carefully crafted.
It creates an open door into the mind and heart of a lonely/longing human being.
As much insight can be gained from that open door, there is much weight that comes with empathy.

When I listen to Bon Iver, I embody all the loneliness and desperate feelings I had been attempting to abandon.

In an instant, beauty reveals its secret through reality:
Not everything that appeals a soul contributes to its well being.

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