Before You Tread this Ground...

Note: If you have not already realized by now, this blog is my attempt at reflecting exactly what I  have learned to the best of my understanding to be the truth, what I believe (as far my opinions), and how I feel in general. It is never my intention to offend anyone, ever. HOWEVER, it is always my intention to cause you to think. If something offends you, is it because of petty differences in opinion or full-blown ignorance on either yours or my own end? I refuse to conform to the standard of being "politically correct", as it is just an excuse to allow ignorance to grow.

I believe there is absolute truth in the world. I believe that with life, there is only one answer to its meaning, just as in a math problem there is only one answer, and no matter how close you can get to it, if its not the answer it's wrong. I do not believe that the theology that I hold is fool-proof theology, I am learning daily. But I do believe I serve a perfect and personal power. If you'd like to get to understand my beliefs you can reach me in person, on Facebook, or check out this great book by C.S. Lewis: http://www.full-proof.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Mere-Christianity-Lewis-chapters.pdf

I encourage you to read the header of this blog before you proceed.
Thanks for caring.
Stay the path.

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