Killing Years - Desperate, Passionate Hardcore

When it comes to music, I only listen to it and support it if it holds some amount of depth or significance toward human life.
This band fits right in with all the other bands I would back.

This one goes out to my Grandma.
Chances are she'll never read this.
But it'd mean the whole world if she could.
Music is the only way I know how to communicate sincerely.

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Say goodbye to my innocence.
Watch me disintegrate.
Falling downward to meet my fate.
I take this needle and I bare in mind.
I'll inject the hurt for maybe the last time.
I will bow my head in hopes.
I will suppress the urge and stay alive.
Here again we finally meet open hearted yet not willing to accept the knowledge of the help I need.
I struggle on feeling so alone.
A corpse among the living.
I inject the fear yet suppress the pain, but the pain is overtaking my will to live.
Give me the strength.
I am so numb yet full of fear.
The world is light yet mine is filled with dark.
My prayer to take the pain away.
My hope in pure forgiveness.
A will to struggle on.
Show me compassion.
I look to the sky.
I start to cry.
Come save this broken man.
I cannot save myself.
I have fallen down.
I need a hand to lift me up.
I am broken.
I am broken.
Do you see me?
I am here alone.
Turn on your light and guide me home.

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