Being Damned to Hell, Levi the Poet, White Collar Sideshow, Jesus, All of It.

My day could not have escalated in any other way to be so good.

It started off with a lady condemning me to the left hand of God.
She tried to pay for Silverwood tickets with a card, I asked for ID, she made a big deal about getting it...
Our interaction ended with her saying the words, "I hope God shows you as much grace as you have on me!"

All I have to say is if God were truly like her, if she was Jesus incarnate...
That sucks.

After being in a terrible mood, I prepared for seeing Levi the Poet at a surprise show at Calypso's Coffee Shop.
Needless to say I was indescribably ecstatic.

I did my homework early, had the first Game Creators meeting of the new school year, helped out some musicians, bonded...

Levi remembered me from last year, we talked it up, I met the rest of his band (entitled White Collar Sideshow), it was great.
They genuinely cared to hear the possibility of me playing music, as well as hanging out, something some of my oldest friends care nothing of.

Levi's performance had me in total awe.
I cried.
I never cry.

Afterwards I was hanging out with my friends, being able to be raw and sincere with them.
Ameerah and I then hung out with the entire White Collar Crew for a good length of time.
We had interesting and great conversation that I won't ever take for granted.

I am so in love with how God works.
I love Him.
I love them.
I am so different because of what Jesus has been doing through Levi and that band and just EVERYTHING.

I fail to see that God is showing me such a small amount of grace.
I hope He blesses that woman beyond her understanding.
And she doesn't take it for granted.

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