I Have an Amazing Taste in Music

And I'm the most humble person you will ever get to know.


I love the music I listen to, and I'm incredibly particular about what I listen to, because:

1. It has to bring something new to the table. I don't want to hear recycled noise, I want to hear passion in some auditory format.

2. It needs to be spiritually edifying. I've spent so many hours listening to words that don't mean anything to me or influence me negatively. I hate being idle and I hate inflicting negativity on myself. I've spent too much time sitting around, doing nothing. I've spent too much time making myself depressed, misanthropic, and lost.

The thing that bothers me about my musical taste is not actually the taste or the music, but how it mixes with the rest of this world.
So I guess you can say I just have a problem with the world!

No, it's just a surface reaction of a issue that is rooted deep within the skin of society.

The reaction-problem is that since I listen to music that is essentially all what you would consider "Christian", only a select few people that I know can relate to me musically.
This is why I'm so thankful for HXCchristian forums, it's a musical and spiritual safe-haven.
However, since practically all of them live on the other side of the country or out of the U.S. entirely, I'm left without really bonding over music in person.

Like I said, there's a select few I can talk to about the music I love, but once you get into the grounds of faith the conversation is either changing or ending or lacking flavor.

There's where the infestation-issue comes into play.
The world is doing all it can to force me into compromise of my integrity.
It tries to seduce me; include me; absorb me; deceive me.
If none of that works, it tries to taunt me; ostracize me; ignore me; hate me.

Enchantments are so subtle, so enticing.
Rejection attempts to dishearten one, or loop one back to the enchantment, begging for acceptance.

But this is a time where I'm even losing friends for the sake of rejecting worldly influence, at least until I can strengthen myself and stand my ground when demons stare me in the face.

People ask, "Where have you been all summer? Why don't we hang out? Why don't you come hang out with us, just like old times?"

I've been investing my time into things that actually matter, things you always ignore or blindly disagree with.

And the old times are dead, can't you tell?
When will you realize how lost and desolate everything is becoming?
When will it occur to you that I'm just trying to maintain the only real, lasting and truly positive thing that has ever been a part of my life, and I want more than anything for you to join me in chasing and embracing eternity.

I could go on and on about that, but I would just get off topic.

I am just praying one day I can have a true friend whose faith will see eye-to-eye with mine.
A friend who will understand and relate.
And with that bond, with that passion to seek the heart of God, something greater will be created.

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