Never Forget


Some of the most joy I've felt in a while has come from the remembrance of what God's done in my life.

I decided to look through my journal to see the progress I've made in my faith since last year.
What I really came to find is a question.

Why am I the only one of my friends who fellowshipped who is still actively chasing God?
What makes me different?
Why don't they remember the amazing, undeniable things that took place last summer?
Why has their faith eroded?

I just miss our communion.
I miss being comforted in their company.

Now most every time I speak with them or spend time with them I am saddened.
I'm mourning for their unrealized depravity.
I feel like a rock crying out for the testimonies they did not speak of.
The ones they no longer speak of.

"I remember the devotion of your youth...
How you followed me so close....
So why did you turn away from me?"

What fault did your fathers find in me
to abandon me for these worthless idols?
They went after other gods
Know and see it is evil and bitter
To forsake the Lord your God
therefore my face
...Is set against you...
The stain of your guilt still before me...
Yet you say, “I have not sinned”
Though I broke your every yoke
and though I burst your every bond
still you look me in the eye and spit
You say, “I will not serve”
How can you say you are not unclean? 
Don’t keep walking blind
On top of every high hill
and under every tree
my heart broke as I
watched my precious daughter
my beloved’s adultery
Don’t you know what it does to me?
In every place and way I watched as you betray me
Unrestrained, like a donkey in heat
Where have you not been ravished?
Unashamed, no remorse in your eyes
don't you see that this filth can never satisfy?
If you’d return, acknowledge your guilt
lay down rebellion for faithfulness
Mercy and healing are found in me
I’d take you in if you’d just return

Jeremiah 2, 3

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