Jealous and Justified

Sobering disturbance, I awake from sedation and slumber.
This depth of fear goes beyond my concious cognition.
God, I must've bummed you out again.
The words appear in my mind.
Suddenly the meaning behind our careless quote
Is rebirthed with reason,

And in that moment I experienced the smallest measurable fraction of divine love and abhorrant anguish.

So clearly, did the reason ring.

How unheard, how distanced and unable to catch attention and express the sadness of separation.
Shake the air
In might and desparation.
Instill despair, in disorganized realization.
Force perspective to shift to rhetoric.

Heave, Heart!
You've seen love with closed eyes for too long.
You'll find no future in feeling.
But in boldness of breathing,
"You can break my heart, but set her free."

I, too timid,
Am cruel in cowardice.

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