Today was my Last Day of my First Job

I can say I feel accomplished, and I can sense a terrible new job coming into my life soon...
Or lack thereof!

(Cue narcissistic ranting)

I'm hoping to utilize my newfound freedom to write and play more music, as well as not procrastinate on my homework.

Having 4 classes is pretty awesome, 6 days out of the week I can stay awake as late as I want and I have very little homework.
College sucks though, if you were thinking about going, stop.
School is just a large waste of time for someone who wants to do something specific with their life.
But it's time to stop planning and start doing.

And to be as honest as possible doing it.
But I can't use honesty as an excuse to abandon things I gotta do.
I have convictions that I am neglecting, I am compromising.
But things are gonna work out.
And it'll be fine.

You will fall;
You will be fine.

Soundtrack for my weekend and new chapter in life.

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