Who cares about what's right when life is about how you feel?
What does it matter if you live a lifestyle you blatantly don't believe in?
It makes you happy, right?
Ignore and deny everything and anything that gets in the way of your happiness.
After all, you're just making some positive choices for your life, right?
Doing something for yourself.
Taking some risks, which really aren't risks at all since they make you happy no matter how it turns out.
Be comfortable.
Be sedated.
Ignorance is bliss.
If anyone or anything opposes your happiness, again, simply shut them out.
They're only coming from the stance of arbitrary morals and relative truths.
Always remember that if anything makes you unsatisfied, that makes it inherently wrong/not worth your time/too complicated to worry about.
All that matters is what you care about, and, let's be honest, in the end it's about what benefits your well-being right?

True happiness should NEVER require sacrifice.
Peace of mind ALWAYS comes through putting yourself first.

Any meaning or "absolute truths" (like they exist!) should come to you under two conditions:
1. You shouldn't have to TRY to figure out your life's significance. It should all be passive and natural.
2. Whatever that significance you may uncover your life to have, it MUST make you happy, or it's wrong/not for you.

In fact, if you don't believe life, the universe, or anything has any purpose, and that makes you happy, just dump out any ounce of troublesome, pointless existentialism within your brain and do whatever you please!

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