After a Night of Local Talent

I've come to the conclusion that the Spokane/Coeur d' Alene music scene is really pitiful.

It's not necessarily the bands, I mean, most of the bands/artists are plain-awful and/or generic but we have a few gems here and there.

But that's all it takes to get things moving, but I see two major issues here that are critical for the potential beauty of a flourishing music scene:

  1. The artists do not promote themselves well enough.
    • We have more than half a dozen venues for small and larger artists alike to play at between Spokane and CDA. So why aren't there more shows? Why don't bands just play normally, no matter how many people they anticipate showing up? We could form this amazing network of musicians who just play weekly, even with each other, always pushing the bounds of creativity and a strive for quality. Too many bands just do things for fun, they don't want to make anything count. 
    • Now, don't get me wrong, I am really opposed to people making music solely for the sake of a career at it, but I don't think that people shouldn't at least try to make something more for themselves than the girl who plays the same covers every week, or the dudes who play to party, or young talent that's too self-conscious to put all that soul-filled music out for everyone to hear. Music is more than just an excuse for something to do. It's a form of art and communication unlike any other; to make it so selfishly is to take its beauty and power for granted.
  2. The fans do not support the artists well enough.
    • Every Monday it's the same thing at Calypso's: see your friends play and smoke outside when they aren't playing. Now, you may be able to attribute the lack of general interest because most of those who play open mic play boring covers, but then why don't you go smoke somewhere else and stop teasing the idea that local music is being supported? In reality, it's being horribly neglected. Nothing is being encouraged or appreciated except deteriorating mediocrity. Your lack of sincerity reflects the state of modern music as a whole, which, for the majority (radio music, dubstep, etc.), is completely shallow, and if you can't figure that much out for yourself just stop reading now. On top of all this, you'll hear the excuse of having a lack of money for shows and such. Local shows are generally $5 to $15. I paid to see The Ongoing Concept tonight in quarters, nickles, and dimes that I found lying around. Weak excuses!

The shallow attitude of those in and around this scene only further confirm the fact that human beings, as a majority, are disgusting. They have all the power in the world to be a self-sustaining community, lifting one another up, but their selfishness diminishes their power to this stupid philosophy of "Random Acts of Kindness", where you take your gaze away from the mirror and realize this world is more than just yourself or anything that is trying to sneak up on you.

All this Occupy insert city here stuff is great and all, but I'm afraid the level of apathy in our culture will limit any amount of revolution that could potentially occur. The only reason I say that is to give an extra perspective on the whole music scene thing, as well as on general humanity. Real, dramatic change will happen when the minority of rebellion becomes the majority in revolution.

This is definitely not a complaint, this is a call to change one of the few things you have any amount of control over.

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