It's 12:45 AM on what I consider to be a Tuesday night.
I'm just yearning for something to accomplish.
Something to complete.
Something to finish.

Here I have a whole EP that only one person besides myself listens to.
My accomplishment still feels empty.

I just hear these beautiful sounds and I see these passions and instinctively I inquire, "Why not I as well?"

Why am I cursed with the selfish desire to be heard?
Why is every word and every melody I've ever held dear always fall upon deaf ears?
Am I that bland?
Do I not present ideas with logic and relevance in mind?

Underdeveloped and quiet, is this what I am destined?
What's the difference between now and then?

Although it has always proven foolish in the past, I continue to question the entirety of my efforts, direction, and being.

Lord, replace me with you.
I can't bear to live in this skin one more day.

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