In Other News!

I just moved into a new house, which is really great for the following reasons (in no particular order):

  • It's heated in every room.
  • There are no flies that hang around in the kitchen.
  • It's in walking distance to my high school and girlfriend's house.
  • It has three living rooms, one of which I put all my music equipment and video games in.
  • My room is the size of Harry Potter's, which allows me to keep down the clutter.
  • It is not located near any haunted forests formerly known as "Middle Earth".
Moving was a great experience, actually.
Throwing away junk, keeping sentimental junk, weighing the significance of junk, flashbacks and memories inspired by junk, finding junk, etc.

I just read "junk" over and over and it doesn't sound like a word anymore in my head.

The new house inspires me to be more productive.
For instance, today I read The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck and it reminded me of the times when I've enjoyed reading.
Of course, being who I am, it just made me want to read books that teach me more about Jesus without requiring such in-depth, word-by-word analysis of reading the Bible (I'm lazy; crucify me. I still read it though).
It just reminded me of how much I loved reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

I've also been exercising on near daily basis thanks to the walking distance from the school and the excess of pine needles in our lawn.

This all just gets me excited for when I move out of my house and live on my own.
No parents (I love my parents, but every kid has their own gripes with the existence of parental authority),
Extra chores,
Free food,
Being jobless.

Pros and cons, I guess.

Oh, I also wrote my first real letter. Woo!

I also received a letter in academics (different kind of letter). Woo.

I've also spent at least an hour on the phone, daily. Yay.

I also beat Plants vs. Zombies. Mhmm.

I've also exercised a bit of self-control, for once. Yee-haw.

I've also started writing with my post-rock project. br00tal.

Let life continue, I suppose.

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