The Only Hope I can Offer

Is the only one rejected.
Every other deception and ignorant appeal I've made is consumed almost as fast as a handful of "cure-alls".
And when it gets to that point, bottle in hand, I am powerless.

I held that bottle in my hand, ready for wherever it was about to take me.
Then I told God, "You have one shot, I will give you everything and you will be there, or I'm gone."

And from there, the story has unfolded almost two years time, and here we are now.

There is hope, I swear.

Yet I continue, words fallen on deaf ears,


1 comment:

  1. For whatever reason, this struck something in my gut that made me want to purge hoplessness and this sick feeling.
    Fallon your words always hit me with a lot of depth, you're incredible.