Thank Jesus

  • I have a house to move into this Saturday (which I'd like to post pictures of or something, this blog needs more pictures).
  • My car did not have its tires blow up on me before I found out what bad shape they are in.
  • The new A Plea for Purging album is really honest and going to help me amidst trying to be a man of God.
  • My girlfriend is wonderful.
  • My close friends are wonderful.
  • I'm going to see The Chariot and Listener on the 29th.
  • The Word is treating me so good: calling me out on my cowardice, building me up on solid foundation.
  • The post-rock project I'm in is breaking ground and we'll hopefully have a song composed this Friday.
  • Mac OS X is making my computer using experience significantly better.
  • The hardest parts of college are almost over.
  • Some of the biggest challenges of my life are yet to come.

I haven't accomplished a single thing without Jesus, and nothing will change without Him.

He is the only consistent thing I can hold on to.

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