True Story

Absolutely nothing keeps me here on this earth except for Jesus.

No God, no Fallon (or anyone, technically). Period.

I wonder how the rest of the world continues into the oblivion of "bettering themselves".
Not trying to make an argument (due to the fact that I'd much rather refer you to a good number of sources for that), I'm more trying to establish the point that if life was constrained to the one on this Earth, it would be pointless.
I'd order my ticket to nihilist living in a heartbeat.

The hope of survival, society, legacy, fallacious religions and philosophies, relationships, success, good times: it all crumbles under the weight of meaningless, finite existence.

If there were no hope in eternity, there'd be no purpose in pressing through apathy.
Without the promise of fulfilled continuity, I would choose to waste away.

Not a thing outside of perfection is worth living for.
If you ever thought anything different, you are completely wasting your time.
I've never been more sure of anything.

Go ahead, weigh it out for yourself.

Live a life of color and fade to black; is that worth anything?
Ecstasy to depression, a roller-coaster of fun and fear, ending with a violent crash.
What's the point of playing into a cycle that spins into zero, absence?

Face the reality.

Question your life.

Open your eyes.

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  1. MY friend, you are a gifted writer.
    That's what's up.