11:30 PM and I'm still Doing Final Stuff

Here's my outline for finishing English 102:

1.     Intro:
a.     Atten: Student loans are worse than housing loans
b.     Background: Everyone’s defaulting, debt at $1 trillion
c.      Thesis: Debt needs to be forgiven, but higher standards must be reinforced to actually reduce future debt and encourage payment.
2.     Body:
a.     Point: Inflation is making everything cost more.
b.     Evidence: Universities quadrupled the cost to enter Hell.
c.      Explain: It’s too expensive to afford college, people still need help.
3.     Body2:
a.     Point: For-profit colleges are screwing us
b.     Evidence: Phoenix and Devry suck at having people graduate from their schools and pay their debt.
c.      Explain: Because these slackers and cheapskates are taking all this money out, everyone else is getting screwed.
4.     Conclusion:
a.     Why to care: It’s the national debt, and a huge portion of it
b.     How to act: Higher standards to reinforce debt deals and forgiveness

Because making fun of your stress is easier than anything else.

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