5,000 Pageviews!

Update! Video added, show of the year: Listener & The Chariot in Spokane, WA

Listener & The Chariot from Brenna Dunn on Vimeo.

Choice soundtracks for this feature-length post!

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I've been on this Blogger account since February 28th, 2010.
I've actually been blogging off and on since the Myspace days (ugh).

However, 5,000 is a number just like any other, it doesn't mean much in any grand scheme of anything, be it my life or the internet popularity scale.
But I don't care, truthfully.
5,000 times my thoughts have garnered someone's attention, be it out of the conviction of pity or accident, or even genuine interest.

My account shows 12 followers, only two of which I am aware are active, and there's only one other person I know that will check my blog regularly that does not have an account.
So to have 5,000 pageviews, it seems kinda crazy to me.

From time to time I reflect on the overall content of this blog, and it brings up forgotten moments like fresh memories.

Summer camps, lost love, musical craze, intellectual wealth, spiritual journey, pointless ranting,
My life.

Jesus has carried me through it all.

Here's to the future.

Oh, and I thought that since this blog is nearly void of fun illustrations, I thought it only appropriate to post a plethora of photographs I find entertaining or neat or significant or relevant to some degree. It reflects on a lot of things I like, a lot of experiences, a lot of people, the past year or so. I spent a couple hours or so doing this, and it was great. Not a lot of pictures in retrospect, but I guess that's what you get for stealing all the pictures off of Facebook and Google Image search.

But I digress, here's a little visual presentation of my life over the past year up till now, in no particular order.


This one goes out to all the dudes and dudettes on the forums who've
been like family to me, closer than some of my real friends.



Winter Break 2010



Drew & Bobby post-band

Last Jazz Band Performance, Spring Swing





Mariah, Mick, and Charlie (Cousin & Sisters)

Mt. Hood

"The Ape Cave"

Mom & Mick

Clarke/Braddy/Baer Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip 2011

Sara, Brenna, and I en route to Kalispell-on-You

Dinner at the Waltman's

Elizabeth (Lizzie, my sistah from anothah mistah)

Small Group Christmas 2011

NLY Summer Camp 2011



Dan Smith (Live opening for The Chariot)

Dan Smith, Various The Chariot members, & friends

Kateri, Ameerah, & I at Denny's

Josh at Dangerous Dog

The only documented evidence of Middle Earth

The C0wards


My Academic Letter

Kateri & Lizzie's Christmas Party 2011

Ameerah, my beautiful lady-friend.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, is currently reading this post, and will check back around here in the future.
Not even my own family keeps up with this so it means a lot to me that there are people in the world who'd bother about a guy like me.
If I ever had some last wish or dying words, they'd be that a life worth living is only through love and truth.
And that the only true source of love is Jesus.
Not church.
Not pastors.
Not your significant other.
Not your parents.
Not yourself.
Everything will fade away to dust, 
But you have a soul, designed to be eternal and in unity with Christ.
All you have to do is accept the most wondrous gift of all time.
We don't deserve a thing.
Humanity is scum.
But we're called to be reborn as children of God, 
Our old meaningless, pitiful existences to be left with the rest of this decaying world.
I never believed in God out of wishful thinking.
Nor out of being raised around Christianity (or so it's called).
I wanted truth and purpose for life.
I searched.
Everything else was a waste of time in it's deceitful ways,
Be it in a lack of fulfillment or a wolf in sheep's clothing.
This isn't a subjective decision I made.
I didn't want to be a Christian at first.
Nor did I even want to exist.

But I can tell you one thing now.

I'll never go back.

Educate yourself in the things you believe in, as well as in what you are opposed to. Know what you're living for and what you're fighting against, because blind faith can be your greatest mistake.

Love and truth are all I cared to be remembered for.
Not even I, but Christ in me.