A married couple of musicians I had the privilege of meeting in the Summer of June 2011, Destroy Nate Allen is a folk-punk duo with a unique passion for creative, energetic, simplistic music, with song topics ranging as far as theological concepts to how awful black coffee tastes.

I saw them in my town at a rather quaint house show, where they gladly accepted help with setting up their merch, paying for merch a day later via email, bear hugs, singing in the face, song requests, sweating, and crowd participation of the most wacky kind. They bring out your inner-punk rock kid you never thought you had in you (or knew already and they're just the best babysitters)!

The video explains their current needs for their new endeavor, but for those like me who skip over videos that aren't less than 2 minutes in length, I'll cut to the chase:

DNA is in need of $4,000 for their next musical milestone of creating their first studio-quality album.
They've self-funded and produced 6 full-lengths already. (All of which are available for FREE digital download at their bandcamp).
They've played over 700 shows.
All since 2006.

They've made a Kickstarter project to help their effort out, with a full list of benefits for those who chose to contribute. Check that out here.

I am planning to contribute by tomorrow once I get the only $50 I have into the account, I'm all about Blaster the Rocket Man and that $25 package looks to be the best for someone who's on a tight budget but really supports the endeavor.

In case you just read that, yes, the legendary BTRM is doing a 7" split with DNA!
First official Blaster release in quite a while!!!

There's my appeal, at least leave 'em a note of encouragement, they're super swell and would appreciate any type of support.

Support heartfelt music.


UPDATE: They made it! If you haven't supported them yet, feel free to, there are still a bunch of things to pay for that the $4000 does not cover.

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