Off the Stage and Onto the Floor and Out to the Streets

The raised platform is a peculiar invention.
Like television it allows the viewer maximum enjoyment when the entertainment of choice makes its presentation.
But also, like television, it presents what is called "the fourth wall", through which it seems interaction becomes impossible.

Now, no one really has the want or need to interact with their documentary on blackholes, so I feel that there are certain instances where that which is desiring your attention should keep the fourth wall up and work within the bounds of which are present.

But then you get music, something to relate to, something that you identify with.
A concert provides you the opportunity to take that interaction of listening and experiencing you'd normally have on the internet, cd, mp3, and taking it a step further.
It's your chance to experience a unique, emotionally charged performance that can never be replicated, to dance, to sing along, to be in camaraderie with the crowd, or to express your appreciation to the artist in person.

Though for some strange reason, that stage where musicians and thespians present their art, that platform of ground creates a aesthetic which ascends to godhood those who walk on it and procures attention and respect from those who reside down below.

The attitude The Chariot holds at their shows is what, I feel, artists striving to make a connection and a difference with their music should uphold.

The artist is no greater or worse than anyone else.
In fact, we're all artists in our own ways, and we all make art possible by contributing to different creative ventures.
This is why I appreciate bands that talk and hang out after their shows, friend and IM people who support them on Facebook and online forums, bands that play on the floor and set up webcams for online shows, bands that give away music, fans who mosh hard, without hate, who pick each other up, who offer their houses and cars for the sake of a show or a tour, venues without age limits, sincere staff, and put on free or cheap shows.

Through music, we gain unity not commonly achieved.
It's a form of communication that transcends all five senses and every language.

If there's a stage, dive off of it.
If there's a microphone, wrap arms over shoulders and share it.
Sell an album, make sure you've given one away first.
Illustrate your heart, appreciate all the rest.

This one goes out to Destroy Nate Allen, The Heartside Hooligans, Levi the Poet & the White Collar Sideshow, The Chariot, Dan Smith of Listener, Self-Proclaimed Narcissist, Otto Nobot, Debtor, Sanhedrin, A Plea for Purging, The Ongoing Concept, Josh and everyone at HXCChristian.com, Hal and Blackhole and every artist, local or otherwise, who've portrayed their artistry with humility and genuity. The ones listed I have personally been blessed by with their music and, for some, friendship, even if it is limited to the internet or a one-time conversation.

No thanks to bouncers who are jerks, hate moshers, pretentious metalcore bands, pretentious musicians, pretentious anyone/thing, and venues that charge over $20 a ticket for no great reason other than to make excessive amounts of money.

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