So after pitching that ridiculously long post to my mother, she told me that it'd be stupid to put everything into the band and not work.

She then gave me a list of places to apply for, considering that Albertson's never called me back.

I guess in the end, it was childish for me to think my plan would've worked out to pour all my time into music.
It doesn't pay, it doesn't work out on a resume, it won't make success, and my bandmates have not even followed up on the amount of work they said they'd pull.
We had potential to practice three days this week, we did a few hours out of one.

So in conclusion, I'll continue to do what is expected of me; anything else would be selfish.
I'll continue to give my time, my effort, whilst putting to rest my emotions.
There's no room for their resistance.

I've been living disillusioned, dreaming of a round planet whilst being pulled over the edge.

I don't know why I blog anymore, this is all stupid.
Sorry for making my personal journal public.


  1. Fallon, please don't stop blogging. Your thoughts posted here have changed the way I see things, the way I think (that's a good thing). You matter to me and I want to hear what you have to say.
    I've been praying for you for a long time; keep pushing on.

  2. Dear Fallon Braddy,

    I was deeply disheartened to hear that what you allege my response to be was NOT anything close to what I actually said at all.

    I am sorry that you have interpreted my guiding you to get job experience in the world as me asking you to suppress your emotions or that chasing your dreams is selfish or that I expect you to devote all of your time and efforts to a minimum wage job.

    My suggestion for you to get a very partime job is simply based on my observation of an area in your life that you need to mature and learn in; FURTHERMORE the only part of this that I think is childish is your proclamation that there is no room for resistance -
    Dang SON! “room for resistance” is my life motto !!!

    Resist all you want ***
    I ALWAYS want you to stand up for what you believe in- but be sure what you are resisting is something worth resistance and not just something you would just rather rebel against because it is out of your comfort zone.

    Ultimately, you will make your own choices and decisions all I can do is offer my knowledge on what this life will do to you if you do not have the skills to survive. This is in no way an attempt to subject you to mundane life of compromises based on what our society deems as the norm. It is merely me participating in your life as your mother and sometimes that means I don’t tell you exactly what you want to hear.
    Having job experience can only make you a better you & learning to manage life and its multifaceted demands is essential.
    It is my guess that all of us would rather just focus on what we love and dream of, unfortunately that is not usually the reality. Having hopes & dreams & goals is beautiful>amazing>wonderful and you know that I will do everything imaginable to support you in achieving them as I always have.

    My wish is solely that you would also include some basics to help you get by until you get where you are going.

    You know all too well I am always your biggest supporter and fan.

    Love Mommy

  3. Ouch, mommmy comments. I threw everything into music too. Gave it my best shot and have empty hands to show for it, but it was me and it was my life and I enjoyed every minute of it. It doesn't have to be one thing or another. You can have a job and play music. There is nothing that says you must sell your soul to punch that clock. You can have both. I still write and play, still empty fists, but it is the love of music that matters, not the enterprize.

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone, mommy comments and all.
    It seems I am definitely on the wrong track for refusing a middle ground, as per all the advice given to me by those with more experience than I.
    It'd be ignorant to disregard such advice.
    I am reconsidering all my plans; the day I get a job I'll make my decisions about the music.
    Any other declarations or decisions to be made would be presumptuous; cross the bridge when you get to it.